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In today's competitive world, getting something extra usually means paying large premiums and hoping for value-for-money. Apply this theory to air travel and chances are there is no real value for various reasons; Passengers buy an upgrade - yet miss a flight due to traffic; they rely on scheduled services - but experience long delays. Or perhaps a flight becomes over-booked and an important meeting is missed with serious consequences. How then is it possible to overcome these situations and guarantee a relaxed arrival on time ?

Charter your own flight - Aeroship Air Charter, is an air charter company with UK offices based near Stansted Airport, which recognises the demands placed on air travel by the business community, and provide effective alternatives for all kinds of business travel requirements. They have a comprehensive range of services to rival regular airline services and even facilities to create individual flight schedules without the extensive costs some companies incur by operating a 'time-share' system of aircraft ownership.

More comfort and less stress - From 747s to Learjets, Aeroship charter aircraft for national or international flights for any commission. Flights can be specially chartered to depart and arrive – at smaller regional airports if required – and reduce the check-in desk nightmares that frequent travellers detest. Journeys therefore begin without stress and the overall benefits are clear as clients relaxing or preparing for appointments during flights arrive more refreshed. Luxury car services can also be arranged for the client’s convenience at any stage of the journey.

In-flight meetings and seminars - AeroShip can also charter aircraft for in-flight meetings or seminars en-route to a destination. Delegates are greeted on the client’s behalf by an AeroShip representative and taken through a dedicated check-in to the aircraft. With corporate options such as seats bearing logos, literature placement and in-flight announcements, marketing or educational messages can be made very effectively to an entirely captive audience.

The demands for an excellent service - Aeroship clients range from senior company executives to royalty and from sports teams to rock bands. Such diverse groups clearly require a charter service that fulfils the demands for high levels of comfort, reliability and security. AeroShip are proud to be considered a key service provider in this highly sensitive area and look forward to continued success with organisations from all sectors.

Cost effectiveness - A comprehensive range of services can be cost effectively tailor made to suit most budgets and schedules arranged to suit most requirements. Some are quite challenging as Aeroship managing director Ian Bright comments: “We recently transported the NASCAR pit crews during the American motor racing season and rain delays and postponed events were just some of the problems we encountered. Additional aircraft and flight crews had to be arranged well in advance and remained on standby to avoid unnecessary delays.” However complex the requirements Aeroship aim to provide simplified travel arrangements efficiently and professionally.

Planning ahead - Aeroship plan ahead for all eventualities and have dedicated aircraft arranged to fly executives into Europe’s major business trade fairs, including Hanover and CeBIT. With more international trade, sporting and leisure events on the calendar, Aeroship is well placed to provide a full air charter service in total support.

The Ultimate Flight Upgrade - To charter an aircraft for yourself, your customers or delegation and to experience arriving on time, refreshed and ready for business call Aeroship direct on +44 (0)7050 183 823 or visit their website at


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